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Mass Transit

SC Soft solution is based on contactless smart card
Technology and is compatible with mobile payment modes in public transit systems.

It empowers owner to manage multiple operators across multiple transportation modes (metro, bus, etc) and is open to interface with third party systems

Our Team has installed close to 5000+ systems and has the right mix of regulatory, engineering and business expertise

Revenue Collection system

Intelligent transport systems

Safety & Security

Vehical Location & Tracking

Feasibility study & Consulting

Our Solutions

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

AFC- automatic fare collection system presents an easy electronic payment to the passengers in public transportation, e.g., bus and metro. It allows passengers to have various physical medias like smart card, paper ticket and mobile phone as the electronic payment device.On the other hand the operator would have a full control on the financial transactions flow, income of each vehicle as a function of time, route, driver and etc.

The authority also has full control on the cash flow earned from the prepaid credits that the passengers buy.Data is transmitted through communication media (GPRS/3G/4G/WiFi) to the concentrator and database for the further analysis and clearing.Devices for AFC part: Driver console, validator, Communication media, smart card, mobile phone, central management system (CMS)

Tracking & Surveillance

Specifically designed for mobile applications, designed to withstand extreme vibration and environmental conditions.Global System Support Centres with 24/7 operator helpdesk assistance.Reliability assured, tried and tested. Installed on over 30,000 vehicles worldwide.International Standards Compliant

Payment Kiosks

In the field of Intelligent transport system we provide customer with a innovative and comprehensive range of services using our payment kiosk

IEM Parking Terminal

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Taxi Terminal

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Road Pricing Software

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Bike Sharing

Innobike allows you to rent a RFID-equipped bike from one vending kiosk, ride to your destination, conveniently drop off at another vending kiosk, collect your deposit and walk away.

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Case Studies

Middle East

Metro project in Middle East

Provided AFC Hardware & Software for Metro project in Middle East
Development & integration of QR code based validator for 1100 Fare Gates; 100 Stations; Integrate bus system


BUS System

Working with our partner to install first in its kind complete AFC system for buses. Provide Mobile based QR code system