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Backend AFC Software

The backend software is developed using the latest technologies and hardware. It is designed to manage multiple operators, multiple transportation modes (metro, bus, etc.) and is open to interface with third party systems

Different Modules

Fare Management

Finance Management

Card, Sales, Reload

Business management

The main goal of an AFC Management System is to maximize operator’s revenue. In order to reach this goal, a proper reporting system is needed to constantly monitor the system. The CMS provides various reports at user-defined time interval for export in Excel, PDF, XML and HTML formats, as follows:

Transactions volume per bus, per route, region, card type and date

Transactions value per bus, route, region, driver, card type and date

Statistics on card type usage

Offline management reports for monitoring of equipment on:


Failure of components

Failure history

Operation of each technician

Number of passengers

Overall real time management based on multi-layer systems architecture

Cash deposit amount in sale and reload accounts

Number of active/in use routes

Cards transaction details